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Welcome Guest to English Tap Check out our plans for trips to the UK . Please have a look at the content below. You can find a teacher to work with you. On English Tap you can learn for free in the text chat. The text chat can be opened on every page. Teachers can follow you onto that page and help you.


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Real life lessons an activities with English Tap. Real Life Learning
现实生活中的经验教训的活动,英语点击 现实生活中学习

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Skype is our first choice for voice call tutoring. We may also use other conference rooms, such as Google hangouts. If you visit the chat room and tell us your Skype id, we will check that the skype id belongs to you and add it to your profile. When your skype id has been added to your profile you will be able to use it directly from the chat. Teachers can give you direct voice call help.
Members will be tutored from the ET chat, which can be found at the foot of every page on the site. We will continue to use Skype for one to one and occasional group calls.
Students who have individual skype lessons, one to one, will be able to replay their recorded lessons. We validate that the Skype account is correct because recorded one to one lessons are not public and can only be played by participants. The site knows that you were a participant if your Skype id matches the skype names of the one of the people in the Skype lesson.

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You can check here to see if you have any recorded Skype lessons for replay.

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This hangout is permanent and can be used at any time by any member. Usually it is empty, so if you want to meet there ,make sure that you invite someone to go with you.

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For English lessons or help with anything to do with this site.
Speak to one of the teachers if you need help. They can help you get started. Contact Admin


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Leon Wooldridge

Hello. My name is Leon. I am the head teacher on English Tap. I can help you in a lot of ways. You are free to visit here at any time. You can get lots of help with English here for free, if you participate in activities and courses here. You can use the chat to ask questions. Teachers can share the same page as you and help you with course work here.


Slides are little questions or language presentations. Sometimes you are asked a question and your answer is saved for you to see you score within a certain topic area. Topic areas are found using key word combinations. Eg: "prepositions" or "vocabulary idioms". When you access a set of slides by keywords, you can see how well you have done for that set.

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Members can share a blog with teachers to improve their writing. You will also be able to comment on the site news.

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English Tap is relatively quiet at the moment. View our main content & couses If you are a member, you can make comments in the site. Please visit Leonwool's blog and make some comments, or better still, visit You Tube Channel Look out for my free Google Hangouts too. They will be held here. I am still taking students for Advanced English and Business English on While you are here, please try Our Learning Slides

Contact an admin to join our online English groups. Study in a class of up to eight students of a similar level or study with a decicated teacher in a one to one class on skype. Here is a list of pages for you to try out;

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